When people ask me "How are you?",  I always answer: "I'm never better."
I say this for a few reasons.  First of all,  it is true!  Secondly,  it makes people smile. Thirdly,  it is actually a far better response than saying "I'm good" or replying with a complaint.  My fourth reason is that it changes the wiring in my brain by thinking positively about myself and whatever is going on in my life. And finally,  the good feelings from saying "I'm never better" are contagious. 

I believe that there is no purpose to life because LIFE is a purpose on its own. Having said that, I also believe that my purpose on this planet is to help people "be never better". 

Through plant-based eating and a vegan lifestyle, I strive to be an example of a compassionate and holistic approach to life.  I believe this way of living respects our spirit, our bodies,  Mother Earth and ALL living beings.  I am passionate about educating through food and breaking the mindset that humans need to eat animal products. I love to show people that plant-based food provides enormous nutrition in order to be healthy, happy, strong and joyous.  Healthy food can be done on a small budget, is beyond delicious, easy, and fun to prepare. 

I love animals. That is why I do not eat, serve, wear or exploit them. They need our help because they are voiceless and innocent. I am here to protect the animal kingdom from the unconscious acts done by humans, no matter what.

I believe there is more to what meets the eye or ear. There is something beyond our physical bodies. That is why I am deeply interested in the spiritual world and practicing a spiritual way of life as best as I can. 

Love is my religion ♡