Feed Your Mind

I believe that most health conditions are preventable, avoidable, and treatable through the correct nutrition.
I educate my clients on how food impacts their body, mind, and spirit.                             Good nutrition is my mission. 



I have always had a particular interest in nutrition, its link to health or disease, mental well-being, and how evolutionary adaptations - which were once advantageous to our survival - have become so detrimental to humans in the modern world.

I am also extremely interested in the interface between personal health, the environment, and animal welfare. I am passionate about increasing people’s engagement with these issues when making the right food choices.

I see and feel that consumers can quickly become overwhelmed by the massive amounts of complicated and contradictory products and information which is provided by marketers, biased journalists, and ignorant institutions. I believe there is an urgent need to reduce this disconnect, filter out the fads, and provide a solid understanding of nutrition. I can equip my clients with a sound knowledge about the food they consume. I can share fascinating insights about nutrition and prove that healthy eating is widely available, inexpensive, easy, and fun to prepare.  It is not boring at all, but beyond delicious and can lead to a healthier and happier lifestyle!

Areas of Specialty:

- preventing, alleviating, and targeting the symptoms of illnesses with correct nutrition
- weight loss & weight maintenance  
- meal planning for athletes
- Meal cooking & Planning
- guidance through the process of achieving & cultivating a healthy lifestyle
- managing food moods & overcoming cravings
- food addictions & eating disorders
- transitioning to plant-based eating & a vegan Lifestyle


I graduated with a Professional Diploma from The Health Sciences Academy in London – the best school for nutrition in the UK. I am a certified and registered Health Coach and Nutrition Therapist.  I  specialize in nutrition science, epigenetics and how food changes our DNA, toxicology, disease prevention (emphasis mostly on autoimmune diseases), the psychology of eating, addiction to sugar and grains, and  eating disorders. 


"The subtle energy of your food becomes your mind."
- The Upanishads